LSH Signature 40oz Water Bottle

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This stainless steel water bottle is a team favorite! Four sleek color options and a straw lid. Durable enough to take on your wildest adventures.

One side features a Life Starts Here Signature, while the other displays your choice of the Freedom with Style design or the Cruciform LSH Logo.

  • Quality – Made of 18/8 double-wall stainless steel, vacuum insulated.
  • Safety – BPA free, powder-coated, and include a wide mouth opening.
  • Applicability – Keep liquids cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours.
  • Comparable – Compare to Hydro Flask, Fifty/Fifty, Takeya, Simple Modern, Simply Simily, & others.
  • Convenient finger loop for easy carrying
  • Rubber tip for comfortable sipping when active
  • Durable, long straw for faster flow

Customer Reviews

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Lizet Delgado
The color is very beautiful

I Love , love ♥ my 40oz water bottle. It's very beautiful and amazing . Thank you God bless!!!

Jennifer Fehrer
“I’m drinking holy water!”

I have purchased these bottles for my parish’s high school graduates and Confirmation kids. They absolutely love them!
It’s great to see them being used by our Catholic youth. I’ve seen kids taking them to athletic events and to school. They are a high quality bottle and the kids really enjoy using them.
I have often said to our Religious Education students, “Get creative in proclaiming our faith. You don’t have to be outgoing or a public speaker. All you have to do is be willing to show you’re love for Christ. Bless yourself before a test. Carry your rosary with you. Wear a cross. Place a cross or prayer hand emoji at the end of every text. It doesn’t have to be anything grand and loud. Simply find your own way of proclaiming your faith, everyday.”
These bottles do just that. Kids carry water bottles wherever they go. These bottles are a great way for them to proclaim their faith, in their everyday lives, in a subtle way.
I told our graduates who received them, “If anyone asks what’s in your bottle, Point at the cross and say, “it’s holy water,” and smile.” They got a kick out of that and they’ll probably do it. 😁
Sorry for the long review, but these bottles are high quality and kids love them! Highly recommend.

40oz Water bottle review

Bottle itself is great quality, just like a hydro double walled bottle! Design is slick, very professional. Excited to start using at retreats and conferences!

Mel L.
LSH Signature 40oz Water Bottle

I ordered my first bottle but my daughter loved it. So I have it to her as an early birthday gift. My boys saw it & loved it and now I have to re-order more!. They love how the bottle is bigger than most water bottles and how it stays cold longer.

Signature water bottle

I love this water bottle and take it the the gym daily. Enjoy knowing the symbol the message on it represents.