LSH 101 Image, Identity, Freedom is available for free through our app.

Step 1: Download the free app using one of these links: Apple Devices | Android & Google Devices | Amazon Devices

Step 2: On the home screen, select "ONLINE COURSES."

Step 3: Select "IMAGE, IDENTITY, FREEDOM' from the list

Step 4: You now have access to all six video sessions:


 Additionally, you can choose between listening to the audio or watching the video. For just the audio, select the "LISTEN" option. To watch the whole video, select the play button in the center of the video.


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Course Description: We have been created in the Image and Likeness of God, and God has spoken essential truths of who we are over us, through His Word. Beginning with the sin in the Garden, the devil continues to steal and rewrite these truths, implanting his lies of slavery and destruction within our minds and hearts. Enslaved to his lies, we struggle to believe and live in God's Almighty Power, Freedom, and Love for us. Learn how, in Christ, you can reclaim your image and identity, to begin living a relationship with Our Papa the way He intended it to be.