Event Series on the Holy Spirit

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LIFE STARTS HERE is announcing the beginning of a new in-person Event Series on the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is not an "it" but a "He." He is a person who desires a personal relationship with us. He wants to offer us the fullness of life and freedom. He makes us fully alive. Journey with us as we learn who He is and how we can have this relationship with Him; where we can begin to live fully alive in the Spirit and proclaim Christ to the whole world.

WHAT TO EXPECT: We will begin each session with the Exposition of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament, giving you the ability to worship and adore the Lord for the entire event. From here we will move into a time of praise and worship followed by a time of silence. This will then lead us into a teaching by Fr. Frankie Cicero followed by a short time of reflection. Finally, there will be a procession of the Blessed Sacrament where Jesus will be brought to each person. We will close the night with Benediction and the Divine Praises.
Where: Queen of Peace Catholic Church, 141 N Macdonald, Mesa, AZ 85201, USA

Time: 6:45PM-9:00PM MST

9/20/21 - Main Church
9/27/21 - Main Church
10/04/21 - Main Church
10/11/21 - Main Church


Binders with notes will be provided. Please bring something to write with to take notes and your bible (optional).


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Derek McMonagle
One of the BEST experiences of my life!

It’s truly hard to put into words to be honest with you, and that’s only the impact I felt from Week 1. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this close of a relationship with the Holy Spirit in my entire life and it’s so infectious to see everyone sharing in their faith at this event!

I felt every emotion possible and couldn’t recommend this event enough. Can’t imagine what’s in store for weeks 2-4.

Very blessed for Fr Frankie, his team at Life Starts Here and their fire for Christ!

... gets better and better...

This is my fourth LSH retreat/event! Fr. Frankie and his team really take care of every little detail. I have done other retreats in the last couple of years and they are beautiful as well; but, because of the extra effort and attention that goes into all LSH events, I will be coming back to every one of the events that LSH puts on. The price of an event can be equivalent to a pair of shoes, but you will eventually throw those shoes away. On the other hand, by attending a LSH event, you will get to experience never ending LOVE; and, as you may have already heard, GOD, IS LOVE <3

Eric R. Guadiana
The Cost of Salvation

A friend of mine Bought me my pass of$100.00 to go see Fr. Frankie. A great gift it was and is. Fr. Frankie is a very into it Pastor , who takes it serious to lead his flock and has fun while doing it. I remember Fr. Frankie using Peter Pan as a parallel to the gospel and it made sense had deep meaning a d brought tears to my eyes during the weeks the class took place. He definitely calls to the holy spirit to counsel him to share the gospel with us. This time around I am going to pay for someone who has a hardship and is up to going with a open heart. It will transform your life and could possibly reveal your purpose in life. Go and listen and be transformed from the stagnant water jugs to the new full bodied sparkling wine that Christ changed the appearance of at the wedding of Cana. Fr. Frankie I look forward to attending again. God bless you all.

Eric R Guadiana
Founder & President
Light after Dark ARAPHEL